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God Moment

I hear the phrase “God moment” used frequently by some friends of mine.  As I understand it, a God moment is when I’m jarred from my normal auto-pilot mode and reminded of God’s interest and activity with me.  I think God’s active in my life every day, but I seldom identify specific God moments.  However, I had one last week.

It was a wonderful, warm, and sunny day.  I had my 99-year-old Dad riding beside me in the car for a change of scenery from the retirement home where he lives.  Our windows were down, arms out the windows, and ears tuned to the sounds of the nature preserve we were driving through.  We stopped to sit on a bench by the river and tried to recall stories about the river that ran on the farm where I grew up.  The setting was prime spot for a God moment, but it didn’t strike me then.  My God moment came when we were driving away.  It had nothing to do with nature or even my Dad.

A very small boy and a man waited to cross the road until I drove by them.  The man was slightly stooped, his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  I passed very slowly just in case the boy darted away, but they remained still until I passed.  Just as I passed I heard the man say, “It’s safe now.  You can go, son.”

How many times have I been eager to run, not realizing the danger of an ill-timed move?  God held me still with his hand until it was okay.  Then, when the timing was right, he lifted his hand and said, “It’s safe now.  You can go, son.”   How many times?

That was my God moment last week.


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