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This piece of historical fiction by James L Swanson, gave me new insights into the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the manhunt that followed for the assassin, John Wilkes Booth.  It’s an easy read in spite of all its details and specifics.   Swanson does a nice job of keeping the reader connected to both the hunters and the hunted as the story unfolds.

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Lincoln On Leadership

Donald T. Phillips has put together one of the most practical leadership books I have read.  He has managed to combine Lincoln’s words and actions to create a blueprint of a leadership style born during one of America’s most troubled times yet applicable for today.  It seems we are dealing with many of the same problems.  “All the “how to” of leadership is ineffective without integrity, honesty, and the resulting trust.  Morals must precede method.” 

I did not realize Abraham Lincoln possessed a temper that needed to vent.  I learned that this venting was often done by writing scalding letters that remained in his desk – never sent.  “Every human has flaws.  Leading always brings these flaws to the surface.  Leaders must learn to restrain those flaws from devastating their followers.”

It is a worthwhile book for all leaders, whether they lead their homes or their countries.

My notes on this book can be downloaded in MS Word format from the blue “FILES box” located in the left side-bar of this blog.

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