God’s Abundant Provision

weekly theme #40 God’s Abundant Provision*    

week containing the Sunday between July 31 – August 6

A few days ago, Psalm 37:4 prompted a good friend to share the desires of their heart.  I listened and considered the items they described and wondered what I would put on my list.  I meandered through some possibilities, but with each one, I asked “Why?”  What do I really want that creates that desire?  I finally ended up with a single word – peace.  I long for an end to strife, worry, crises of time, the reflex for more stuff, desire for accomplishment, unending projects, and restless nights.

That kind of peace is not man-made.  It’s supernatural.  I long for the time when all creation is surrounded and filled with the peace abundantly provided by him.  God provides such peace on his time schedule and in his way.  I need to accept that fact and watch for the unplanned and unusual.

God’s provision exceeds my needs, yet I continue to seek provisions elsewhere.  I do not seek provisions elsewhere because God fails to provide, but because I perceive my wants as needs or God’s timing as too slow.  Yet even then, he stands there offering me what I truly seek, as well as forgiving my impatient and individualistic behavior.

Provision is not the same as a life of personal ease.  Sometimes I am the provision for others; my sacrifice provides what they need.  Other times they sacrifice to provide what I need.  I must be willing to give and receive.  Psalm 105:16-22 tells of Joseph enduring harsh and unjust treatment until it was time for him to be God’s provision for the children of Abraham.  It was a time of testing for Joseph.  Why should I not also have a time testing?  A time that helps me grasp that God alone is enough.

I have a recurring struggle, an inner struggle, when I see so many needs and feel so ill-equipped to deal with them.  Matthew 14:13-21 describes a situation where the disciples felt the same way.  The need exceeded their resources, and they told Jesus how they felt.  Jesus simply replied, “Bring [what you have] to me.”  I am correct when I say the needs surrounding me exceed my resources, but in the hands of Jesus, they are enough, abundantly enough.

*A Guide To Prayer by Job and Shawchuck provided the scripture references and readings that inspired these reflections.  I found this devotional to be the most heart changing of any I’ve used.  It truly lives up to its title.

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