The Luke 10 Manual

This booklet by Steve & Marilyn Hill took me by surprise.  The fervor, thought, and boldness combined to make me fearful, taken back, captivated, and challenged.

Honestly, it’s written pretty bluntly at times, but I much prefer curtness to the wordy authors who take a chapter to speak a page.  In fact, the Hills did what I think numerous other authors should have done.  They wrote a sixty-page booklet rather than a two hundred page publication.  No, they don’t make money from it, this link takes you to where you can download a free PDF, but I think they made an impact.  I know they have.

Basically, the Hills challenge the trappings added to being a disciple.  They dare me to explain why I go to church rather than be the church.   They challenge academia to train laborers for the harvest fields, not middle management for the denominations.   A quote would give an example of their writing style: “Jesus commanded us to go and we keep asking the world to come to us.”

I haven’t even skimmed the surface of this deep pond.  I challenge you to check the link.  Maybe download the booklet to look it over. I bet if you start, you’ll end up reading on.  I’m not saying I understand all he is proposing, let alone agree with everything.  But I know there are parts of it that I needed to hear, agree with, and do.  I think you’ll find some, too.



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2 responses to “The Luke 10 Manual

  1. Jody Collinge

    That looks excellent, Phipps. I downloaded it to read. Just back from Mexico City. Jody

    On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Phipps’ Place

  2. phil

    great review Phipps.

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