This book by David Platt has created much chatter in the Christian subculture.  He was supposed to have some extreme views of Jesus’ teachings.  Having read books such as Juan Carlos Ortiz’s book Disciple, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be startled by anything Platt had to say.  I was wrong.

Here’s just a sample of  things that stung me:

  • Everything in all creation obeys God except humans.
  • USA Christianity has reduced being a good Christian to not doing a list of things.  Godliness, however, is determined by what I do.
  • I must say “Yes” to the words of Jesus before I hear them.  Otherwise I’ll never truly hear them.

But what really threw me for a loop was the fact that some of the people at Platt’s church actually try to live this way.  Imagine that – church goers whose lives show that God is more important than the American Dream.  Not only that, but Platt dared to give five points of action for me, the reader.  I plan to alter my 2012 to accommodate those five actions, with some modifications, and I’m eager to identify the results.

My notes on this book can be downloaded in MS Word format from the blue “FILES box” in the left side-bar of this blog.

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  1. Phipps, you make my reading list longer!!

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