Everybody’s Normal

Everybody’s Normal (Till You Get To Know Them) by John Ortberg

I chose this book to read because of a friend’s recommendation, and I thought it would be a fun/easy read.  It is both of those and more.  It is also a book I wish I would have taken notes on as I read.  It’s that good.

The theme of the book is the challenge of personal relationships.  It’s chapters cover being honest, empathetic, and standing up for yourself.  It encourages us to forgive, include, and be thankful for our friends.  There’s more chapters than that, but you get the gist of the theme – real issues.  Having close friends isn’t easy, but it is critical.

Honestly, I like his self-abasing humor.  A couple of times I saw myself in his stories, and I had to laugh.  Other times, when I saw myself in his teachings, I had to plead “guilty as charged”.  It was a wonderful read, engaging my mind, emotions, and soul.  Now if I can just get it to engage my actions!

I’ll probably reread this book – taking notes and as part of a group for discussion.  I encourage you to try it, but have some paper and a pen beside you.

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