What Will Heaven Be Like?

I was listening to people talk about what heaven will be like.  It made me kind of sad.  I don’t think heaven will be about games of golf, or food, or fishing, or even having a nice house.  I think it will be more than that.  I think it will be less than that.  Here’s what I think.

Have you ever loved someone?  I mean illogical love.  I mean love where you wanted to be around the person just to be around them.  You didn’t have to go to dinner, or the show, or anything.  Just being with them was enough.  Being beside them for an hour seemed like the blink of an eye.  You wished time would stand still and you could be with them forever.  That’s what I think heaven is like. 

I’ll just want to hang around Jesus.  We don’t have to do anything special because just being with him is enough.  No earthly activity, person, or object will come close to the satisfaction of being with him.  I’ll be content for eternity.

Boring?  Never!  Experiencing the infinite Christ will take an eternity, and the more I’m with him the more I’ll never want to leave his presence.  The love will only get stronger.


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2 responses to “What Will Heaven Be Like?

  1. Brenda

    That’s a GREAT view of heaven. Can’t wait to experience it! Okay, I’ll wait until He wants me to join Him. I know I am here to serve Him til He calls me there, but it nice to dream of being there with no problems or complications. Bathing in His love sounds MARVELOUS!

  2. Dodie

    CS Lewis describes it in a way that hits home for me. Think of the best moments you’ve had in your life – a spectacular sunset/sunrise, the sound of a child’s laughter, holding that baby for the first time, the Rockies – whatever it is for you. In moments like that, I always find myself filled with an inexpressible joy; yet, there’s something lacking, a longing not quite fulfilled. In Heaven, with Jesus, all of that will be filled. I know that the more time I spend just hanging with Him here, the more I long for being with Him there, seeing Him face to face, looking into those eyes of complete love, knowledge, and understanding.

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