Have you ever read a coupon?  I mean real closely, like the fine print stuff.  The coupon I’m looking at right now says it has a cash value of 1/100th of a cent.  Huh?  What can I buy for 1/100th of a cent?  However, if I use this coupon for a tub of Breyers ice cream, it’s suddenly worth $6.  What makes that difference?  It all depends on whether I use the coupon for its intended purpose.  When it’s redeemed, it’s worth its greatest value.

I think people are like coupons. 

Some of us live our lives at cash value.  We don’t use ourselves for our intended purpose.  We think, act, and become a fraction of our potential.  Or we try to redeem ourselves for the wrong thing or in the wrong way.

But just as a coupon can’t redeem itself, people can’t either.  What we need is someone who will allow us to be used for our intended purpose.  We need someone who has the knowledge, concern, and ability to redeem us.  But who can do such a thing?  Who can be our Redeemer?

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  1. Dodie

    I think “someone” should be capitalized. Kidding aside, this is an interesting insight. (And not just because it mentions my favorite food group–ice cream!)

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