When Helping Hurts

by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

This book is causing quite a stir among Christians involved with supporting or participating in short-term missions (STM).  Corbett, the main author, proposes that STM is often more focused on the USA participants feeling good than on the long-term good of the people being served.  His explanation of the causes and the processes of healing are thought-provoking.   I recommend this book be read and discussed in a group setting.  Corbett steps on some toes, and most will need to vent from the pain.   Although it repeats information from other books (two being The Great Omission by Saint and Multiplying Light and Truth by Rowland), it has a broader stroke than any other single book.  It provides clear background, documentation, and reasoning for why STM needs a major overhaul, and then he offers ideas of how to change. 

My notes on this book can be downloaded in MS Word format from the blue “FILES box” located in the left side-bar of this blog.

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