What Will I Do? part 4

What will I do?    The word do is a word of action.  It doesn’t allow me to sit on my duff; I need to get started.  But how do I start?  Sometimes preparation is part of what I will do.  The preparation may include research, communication, and study.  I will never learn everything so that must not stop me from what I will do.   I will learn by doing.  And I will do things better over time.  Additionally, what I will do impacts what I won’t do.  I don’t have time to do everything.  So when I begin to do a new thing, I need to stop doing an old thing – or at least reduce the amount of time I do it.  True, sometimes I do nothing, but maybe I need to reduce the amount of time that I do nothing.

Paul, a Jewish author of Biblical texts, says that God has prepared good works for me to do.  Paul clearly states that there are things specially selected for me to do.  What I should do is prepared for me, like an enticing meal.   But the question remains.  What will I do?

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  1. Dodie

    My question is similar and, in fact, keeps me awake at night: Who was I born to be. Put another way, “What was I born to do?”

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