What Will I Do? part 3

I usually fail to connect the following two sentences into one thought.  

Somebody should do something.  I am somebody. 

What will I do?  The question doesn’t ask me what the government will do.  It doesn’t ask what the church will do.  It doesn’t even ask what my neighbor  will do.  Somehow I have convinced myself that “they”, whoever that may be, should do something, but I am not the one to do it.  I have exempted myself.  But this question won’t let me step aside.  It pushes me to the edge until I cry,  “Okay, I will do something!”  I am accountable for me, and my sins of inaction outweigh my sins of action.  Besides, what I will do may prompt others to action.  My model of action may prove more important than my actual action.

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