Spiritual Health

I view exercise as one of four factors that I can do on a daily basis for good health.  The other factors are rest, hygiene, and nourishment.  (Yes, there are other things such as regular checkups, but I’m talking about daily activities.)

That made me ponder my spiritual health.   How do I get exercise, rest, hygiene, and nourishment for my soul?  So now I ask you….

What are examples of spiritual exercise?

What are examples of spiritual rest?

What are examples of spiritual hygiene?

What are examples of spiritual nourishment?

I have my own ideas, but I would be interested in yours.  Click below on “Comments”.


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10 responses to “Spiritual Health

  1. David Chapman

    I have a pretty much different view of many things than most people. I will need some time to digest what you have asked and to get answers back to you. I hope you are doing well. Dave

  2. Spiritual Exercise–Willingness to listen to what the Holy Spirit may be saying to other believers, and comparing it to what you understand; expanding our capabilities and knowledge of God through disciplined study; stretching our capabilities through disciplined prayer; serving others in need, trusting God to equip us with resources and strength. Ultimately it seems that spiritual exercise is any activity that expands and increases our faith, and gives us the opportunity to trust God.

    Spiritual Rest–(This is difficult for me to answer); To relinquish control, and trust God; relying on God’s promise, rather than my own “goodness”; living a worry and stress-free life, knowing that God will provide all our needs. I think rest is synonymous with trust.

    Spiritual Hygiene–Protecting and preserving our faith with the armor of God’s Word, and through prayer. I believe good hygiene is largely related to what we do NOT do, rather than what we DO. Dirt and filth (poor hygiene) causes disease and sickness. Likewise, deliberately exposing ourselves to sin leads to death.

    Spiritual Nourishment–The easy answer is God’s Word, but I think Christ nourished the Disciples with more, including relationship, instruction, discipline, and prayer. We seldom think of prayer as nourishment, but Christ obviously was strengthened through prayer, and through prayer he had a deep relationship with the Father. God made us in his image, and made us for relationship with himself and with each other. We are nourished through our relationships with other believers, through prayer and communion with the Father, through studying God’s Word, and through a willingness to be disciplined.

  3. Don Angle

    excercise: James 2:15-17
    rest: Heb 4:1-11
    hygeine: Jn 15:3, Jn.13:8, Mat.8:3, Math 23:26
    nourishment: Jn. 33-63

    Now I will ask you a similar question comparing the natural type to the spiritual reality— Natural life is defined as having the following attributes: eating, metabolism, movement, growth, reproduction. (Have I forgotten any?)

    Anything not having these attributes is defined as DEAD.

    It’s very benificial to be able to distinguish between Life and Death. (Otherwise you could be buried alive)

    How then can we observe fruit and look for these same principles in discerning if spiritual life is present?

    Blessings to you as you search into the manifold wisdom of God.


  4. Christine

    Interesting thoughts…I’d like to ponder more. But I’ll share my first thoughts with the reservation to change my position…how’s that for covering all the bases.

    Exercise: Stretching and pushing my limits spiritually. Could be enteraction or engagement with believers or unbelievers which is out of my comfort zone. For me, discussing areas of non-agreement are stretches for me but healthy exercises. Questioning what I believe or why I do what I do- whether it is actions or worship, etc. For me exercise is usually not solo, but sometimes it is in solo in-depth study or research.

    Rest: solitude. I long for solitude and “silent retreats.” This is definitely a necessity in my spiritual life.

    Hygiene: regular and daily cleansing. asking for and receiving forgiveness.

    Nourishment: Feeding myself in the Word and with worship. Not sure if worship and praise is nourishment or not, but here’s why I’m categorizing as such. I sing and worship in the car on my commute. I always feel stronger afer doing so.

  5. Aaron Gillespie

    When asked to answer types of questions such as these, instictively my mind searches for the simplest of answers, so this is what is what I have chosen to do and to present to you. In my opinion, spiritual exercise, spiritual hygeine and spiritual nourishment can be summed up as this… and I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. As far as SPIRITUAL rest is concerned, this is something I wish I could better avoid. Well, that’s my take. I hope you’re doing well 🙂

  6. Curt Myers

    I choose to start with rest. When I am weary physically I seek separation from others–be it my pillow or pondering at the farm. So spiritually rest would seem to be the same. I find that I desire separation from all else to be alone with God in a reflective, casual, relaxing way. It is often while I am alone at the farm “pondering” and observing creation in His presence. Enjoying Him–which is what I think is meant partially to “enter His rest”.
    Exercise is activity. It happens daily sometimes more, sometimes less. Activity can be planned as in going to the gym and intentionally working out or happens as part of the day’s responsibilities such as chores. Spiritual exercise therefore is using our spirit in connection with the Holy Spirit in our daily tasks. This gets a little dicy. I must keep walking in the Spirit through out the day so that I am using it as I go. Keeps me open to God’s leading at any given moment so that I may be used by Him to minister at the moment He desires it. I am tempted to include spiritual disciplines here but I won’t. I will limit exercise to using my spiritual self to the extent it was designed for. Serving, ministering, being the body of Christ. Thus with use it becomes stronger.
    I think I will include the disciplines with hygiene (confession, praying, thanksgiving, supplication, asking forgiveness and giving same) to keep my spirit clean conscienced, transformed by the renewing of the mind, recognising that I am a “new” creature continually and not reverting back to the old. Or maybe simply “keeping in step with the Holy Spirit” so that my line of communication with the Father remains unhindered.
    Nourishment. Being fed, eating–this is the good stuff. Not forsaking the fellowship of believers, going to the well of living water (prayer, medititation, reading and memorizing scripture, celebrating communion, reviewing prayer journals to be reminded of God’s answers to past requests). Being “filled” with the Spirit, equipped, ready to be used. Sort of like eating lunch with the tobacco field crew at the McKibbens.

  7. james plack

    just talkin outloud….in a typing kinda way….

    1. i think that the sense in which we need exercise spiritually is different from the way we exercise our bodies. i don’t think it’s regimented, but whenever the Bible talks about ‘spiritual exercise’ it’s like…Paul saying that athletes beat their bodies and so does he mortify his members….killing the flesh. he builds himself up to resist temptation by doing it in the moment. i looked up some stuff on this and i found I Tim. 4:8. it speaks of godliness being more valuable than physical training, and the example of godliness in context is not necessarily something one can purpose to train himself in. it’s holding to, teaching, and defending sound doctrine; actually, i think thanksgiving, prayer, and study of the Word of God might be included in this….these could be part of a daily regiment of spiritual exercise….i guess it’s obvious i haven’t put much thought into this lol

    2. examples of spiritual rest….my Sunday school teacher is teaching a series on 30 important disciplines for the Christian, and last week he taught on the discipline of silence and solitude, which i would never have thought of. he taught about how Christ and others got alone with God. i thought that was really cool. i’ve always heard good teachers talk about the importance of spending time alone with God, but i never really thought about it from a Scriptural standpoint, b/c i never read a command i suppose. i guess rest comes from the testimony of the Holy Spirit only correct? and the way to enter into it, according to the whole book of Hebrews, is through “laying hold of (God’s) promise,’ the writer talks about how Israel was given their chance to get out of Egypt, but they looked back, and they refused to obey God, so those individuals did not inherit the promised land. in this and many other places, we’re told to lay hold of the offer of entering into God’s rest, which we do by walking onward by faith, through obedience. when we’re in God’s will, nothing can touch us, but otherwise there is no rest for the Christian, or in the end for the falsely supposed Christian. of course, the means to, just like that rest itself, is in Christ and Him alone. it can only be worked out by the work of grace, not by striving.

    3. spiritual hygeine….huh!….that sounds funny. what can cleanse but the blood of Jesus?! is it possible that we need to wash ourselves again and again? like through repentance?….eh….i wouldn’t think to cleanse ourselves….to feel clean? to restore our fellowship when we’ve sinned?….sure!….

    4. spiritual nourishment….the obvious answer is that man shall live on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God….and that’s gotta be it, right?

  8. Dan


    1. Exercise: Is the putting into practice what comes from our nourishment. This keeps us from being fat hoarding the Gospel to getting it out there by exhibiting the fruit of the spirit love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control. It is what we do and say to others. It is living out Christlikeness.

    2. Rest: Sleep, solitude, worry free, but most importantly “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanual’s veins; and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stain.” Knowing that we are forgiven and stand before the Father as He sees Christ’s righteouness.

    3. Hygeine: Cleaning out the junk, while we live in a state of forgiveness, we do continue to ask for it, but it is keeping our testimony clean. Watching what we see, hear, and do.

    4. Nourishment: Reading and studying the Bible, prayer, worship.

  9. mike Lightfoot

    I get sore and tired just thinking about spiritual exercise. I think our spiritual workouts are a lot like our physical workouts.
    1. it takes our time
    2. we have to have self -discipline
    3. I do it for a period of time then I get to the point that I forget why I do it then I stop. No purpose
    4. I get discouraged

    Physical workout works best for me when I am held accountable…….uhmmmm

  10. Dan Franz

    Spirtual Exercise:
    1.Service to others , To God,and for God
    2. Contributions and gifts
    3.Mission work
    4.Doing God’s work in any form
    Spiritual Rest:
    1. Simply being with God.
    Spiritual Hygiene:
    1. Confession and Transference
    Spiritual Nourishment:
    1. Reading The Word of God.
    2.Prayer The best communication to God.
    3. Services Church community
    4. Meeting with other believers.

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