The Pursuit Of His Calling

by Dr. Florence Muindi – a brief excerpt

Cardinal signs of transformational ministry:

  • training trainers – not directly giving services unless it is to demonstrate or break into new areas
  • church-based partnerships at the church level
  • Empowering –  giving only what they need, coming alongside what they have, and taking them to the next level.
  • Building dignity by doing it with them, not for them or even to show them.
  • Bringing deliverance by breaking the bondage through: advocacy, education, skill development, economic empowerment, changed behavior, and spiritual maturity.
  • Planning a phase out strategy from the beginning.
  • Marked by fruit after fruit rather than a one-time harvest.  Planting fruit bearing plants (disciple makers) not just seasonal plants (followers).
  • The community is self-replenishing and not dependant on us, an external source, or technology.
  • It is bathed in prayer, guided of God for his glory.
  • Giving of our lives, not just our service.

How can we tell if we have empowered for transformation?  It is in place when:

  • We can take risks in delegating.  For example, come to the point where we can say to our national partners – these are guests from my main supporting church.  I will leave them with you for two days for you to show them our ministry.
  • When we can take a year of furlough and do not need a replacement, and even if we are going back, we do not plan to go back to the same tasks.
  • When to our surprise we realize that the local ministry has moved to the next level and has forgotten to inform us much less to consult us or ask permission.
  • The systems for accountability are in national’s hands and you are subject to those systems.

We are failing if, after three to five years in the field, we cannot:

  1. comfortably have national teams run the show.
  2. relocate to a new area.
  3. take another role in the organization.
  4. open doors for other s to partner.

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