Missions As Family

Most Christians in the United States neglect their family.

Imagine a family with three children of varying ages.  One child, the eldest, has excellent food, clothing, education, spiritual training, and overall care.  In fact, the eldest child has such excess that much is wasted, horded or ignored.  The middle child receives adequate care.  However, much of that care comes from other relatives or even non-family members.  The youngest child is in great need.  This child is hungry, lives outdoors, has only the clothes they are wearing, and receives no education or spiritual training.  The parents explain that as soon as every possible desire of the elder child is accomplished then they will increase their care of the other children.  What do you think of that family?

Imagine the Body of Christ, the family of God.  They care greatly for their own household and even others in their local church.  To other Christians within the United States, they donate a few dollars and maybe a little time.  And what do they say about their spiritual family around the globe?  They say that there is just so much that needs done close to home.  When everyone in the USA has every want satisfied, then they will help their spiritual family around the globe.

Jesus does not give any limitations on who he came to serve.  In fact, he gives specific examples of God choosing people outside “acceptable” borders, ethnic groups, and religions to serve.  I agree with Rick Warren on this unpopular position.  It is not the government that should take care of the poor, oppressed, sick, and neglected.  It is the church.  It is us.  It is me.  It is you.

I am starting to change my thinking about money.  That new clothing item I like doesn’t cost $30, it cost a child one month of food, clothing, and education.  I can buy the sweater or sponsor a starving child.  That new vehicle I want doesn’t just cost $12,000 more than a less elaborate vehicle; it cost hundreds of families the opportunity to drink clean water from a well in Africa.  It’s not just about money, it’s about love, priorities, and values.

We have spoiled the eldest child, and the eldest child is us.

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  1. I have true compassion for those in foreign countries that would travel miles on foot for something to eat. I cant say the same for the spoiled child that demands the meal to be served. My prayer = Father, please provide food to your children who are hungry. Help me to have open ears so I can respond when you call.

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