Tearing Down My Idol

I tore down my idol. 

Maybe it wasn’t an idol, but it sure was a distraction.  It took my time.  It nourished me – at times. Usually it just numbed me, and sometimes it doused me in filth.  Overall, it was far from holy.  So I tore it down.  I call it an idol; others call it an entertainment center. 

Deciding to break free from “just watching TV” has been a long-time challenge.  I tried moderation, rules, and limits.  But I always seemed to drift back to “watching the boob tube” as sort of a default thing to do.  Hours were sucked from my life with absolutely nothing positive to show for it.  At times I would follow a show to the end and think, “That was stupid.”  But it wasn’t many days until I did the same thing.  It was like living a bad rerun. 

I tried to excuse it as entertaining, relaxing, and even educational.  Yet a voice kept asking me, “Is this the best way to entertain yourself, to find peace, and to gain wisdom?”  For a long time I argued with the voice; I ignored the clear answer in order to maintain my habit.  My habit was strong, but God used a few lines from a sermon to empower me to kick the habit.  God told Gideon to tear down false idols before trying to build one to God.  (Judges 6:25-26)  I needed to do the same thing.   

I had withdrawals as I started to unplug my tangle of wires.  I would miss the final episodes of my “favorite” shows!  Can I survive without sports?  But I remained steadfast.  My TV is now facing the wall in a corner of the “junk” room – how appropriate!  My entertainment center cabinet is heading to a donation center.  Already I have more space in my living room, my schedule, and my mind.  It feels good.  Yes, someday I’ll bring back the TV, but not any time soon.  I want to form new, more healthy, habits that truly entertain, relax, and give wisdom.  I can’t wait! 


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  1. Without Fox news and CNBC how are you going to know what to fear, or feel guilty about? Big bold move on your part!

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