Grand Canyon


starting down

starting down

This journal describes my hike in the Grand Canyon.  Normal style print is general descriptions.  Italics print is my personal views and feelings.  All of it, both prints, have been read and approved by all parties involved in the hike.

To see all my pictures use the link in the right column .

 It all started with an article in the AAA magazine.  It described the wonder and joy of hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon during the winter.  I’m not a cold-weather person, but I thought this sounded worth the chill.  I was inspired to call a few people who I thought might be both able and interested in such an adventure.  Only a few people would have interest in a walk to the bottom of Grand Canyon, a fraction of them would have the time, and a fraction of those would have the funds.  I contacted some friends – including Phil Johnson and Donald Gribbon, friends since college days.  Phil and Donald both commited, and Phil invited two other men who were willing to go, Jim and Al. That’s how five of us ended up in the Las Vegas airport on Monday 15 January 2008.  I arrived on Sunday to “see the sights” of Las Vegas.  I had …

Download this entire file from the blue “FILES box” in the left column.

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